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Discover the new seats in our Business cabins

Discover our new long-haul Business seat that marries refinement and privacy.  Starting in the winter of 2023, we will progressively equip 12 of our Boeing 777-300ER aircraft with the new Business seat on international flights. By the end of March 2024, all the Business cabins in the Air France fleet will be equipped with full-flat beds.

Travel in your own cocoon

Committed to Air France’s mission to provide passengers superior comfort, the new Business seat draws on the 3F concept:  

  • Full Flat, the seat converts into a 2-meter long (6’5”), fully flat bed  
  • Full Access, each passenger has private access to their row  
  • Full Privacy, a sliding door for increased privacy  

Whether to relax or get some work done, the new Business seat boasts new features to enhance your travel experience: 17.3-inch 4K screen, noise-reducing headphones, Bluetooth connection, wireless charger...  

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Privacy and travel for two

Blending conviviality and privacy, the new Business cabin seat adapts to your travel needs.   Traveling alone or with someone? Escape the comings and goings of other passengers with a sliding door that opens onto your aisle. And if you need more peace and quiet, activate the “Do Not Disturb” function on one of the seat’s controls buttons to let the crew know you would like some privacy.   For an even more enjoyable trip for two, the center seats have a center wall that can be entirely lowered at the touch of a button to make room for a large cocktail table and facilitate conversation.


Superior comfort

The seat itself has been reworked for optimal lumbar support. The seat foam has been ergonomically redesigned for maximum comfort throughout your journey, regardless of the seat position.    Transform your seat into a bed in a single motion — the bed is 2m (6’5”) long and 70 cm (2’3”) wide. And depending on your seat position, the light in your cabin adapts. You can also adjust the lighting manually from your remote control.


A fully connected flight

Air France has equipped the new Business seats with 4K HD screens with integrated Bluetooth and the latest generation interface to ensure you have everything you need. Relax and enjoy an extensive entertainment program with over 350 movies, music, and podcasts. With the Air France CONNECT Wi-Fi passes, stay in touch with friends and family or surf the internet during the flight. Each seat has a computer plug, USB A and C ports, and an integrated wireless charger to charge your devices. 


A virtual visit of the new Boeing 777-300 Business cabin

Wander around the cabin at your leisure!